Guided Photography Tours Throughout Europe

More than Just a Setting for your Photography

Specialty Photo Tours began with a vision to promote greater understanding between citizens of the world by delivering a true local experience of the world’s most beautiful locations—all the while enhancing our travelers’ ability to capture the beauty of their surroundings through photography.

Our Focus is Exclusively on Foreign Locations

Traveling should be a life-changing experience. What better way to expand your worldview than immersing yourself in another culture? Our European Photography Workshops will provide you with an incredible opportunity to experience the world from another perspective.

Our Workshop Leaders are True Locals

Each of our photo workshop guides has been chosen for their knowledge of the sites you’ll be visiting on your tour. You’ll get a true native’s perspective on the most interesting landmarks and locales, and even discover some hidden gems you wouldn’t see on a traditional photography tour.

Each leader is able to call upon years of experience in travel photography, and each provides a unique perspective on composition, training and production. No two trips are alike!

You’ll Learn a Comprehensive Mix of Photographic Styles

Our tour leaders will take you to a variety of locations to review the different techniques for the following photographic styles:

  • Landscape photography
  • Cityscape photography
  • Travel photography
There is a Cultural and Historical Component to each Workshop

Not only will you visit amazing locations for your travel photography, you’ll also take part in local events to gain perspective on what life is like for citizens of that country. Depending on the tour, this may include:

  • Attendance to local festivals
  • Housing in hotels located in small towns
  • Lectures on specialties of the area (wine, art, architecture, food, etc.)
  • Perspective on historical events taking place simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe
Balance of Field and Post Production Training

Our experienced leaders will assist you in creating memorably photography on location during your tour, but we also provide training in post-production so you can make calculated edits to your photographs, making them truly stand out.

We also provide after-workshop support for any questions you may have regarding your photography or other aspects of your experience.

Customized Workshop Options

With each trip limited to a maximum of 12 participants, you will take part in an intimate, yet fun, learning experience tailored specifically to your group.

We will work with you in the planning process before the tour to come up with travel options to suit your interests, including, but not limited to:

  • Cooking classes
  • River cruises
  • Museum tours
  • Trip extensions
  • Health and Spa treatments
Assistance with International Shipping

Photographs serve as wonderful mementos of our experiences, but other souvenirs may strike your fancy on your tour. We will help you get your items safely back to the United States to enjoy in your own home.